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Peter Stoyanov - President of Republic of Bulgaria

…Beautiful neckties! Man needs beauty in everyday life in order to meet challenges in a better mood. I wish you good health, optimism and success in your ventures.

Peter Stoyanov - President of Republic of Bulgaria from 1977 to 2001.

Nevena Tsenkova – 2nd year Fashion student at Varn

Nice construction creating a vision of high quality, successful aesthetic colour combinations that attract every casual glance and fabrics creating comfort.

Assoc. Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov

“Victoria Unique ties complement man’s self-esteem indeed. They are a wonderful accessory to my appearance: especially on official and business occasions. Their original design and perfect make give them the privilege of being high-quality accessories of modern man’s style. They have rightfully obtained not only national but also international recognition. I wear them with great delight!”
/Assoc. Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov/

Assoc. Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov, a culture expert, aesthetician, fashion critic and TV journalist. (He is the author and host of the weekly fashion program Ot Igla do Konets on Nova TV, Deputy Chairperson of the Bulgarian Fashion Academy, and Chairperson of its Artistic Council and a member of the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York.)


The President of Poland, Mr. Kwasnewski is a passionate admirer of the neckties of Varna fashion house Victoria Unique.
This became clear at a diplomatic meeting. Mr. Kwasnewski received a compliment for his accessories. Then Polish head of the state proudly showed the label of his necktie – Victoria Unique.
What was the astonishment of the present people when another participant in the diplomatic discussions, taking a look at his necktie brand, understood that it was from the same manufacturer!
Dneven Trud, 03.01.2002

Veslav Mishlevski – Polish writer

The necktie for a man is like the pearls for a woman – it is true that it does not cost that much but the first glance is always directed to the tie.

Violeta Zgureva

If he could, my husband would go to bed with your neckties. I suggest that you manufacture some ties that match the nightwear.

Lubo Ganev

“This is the first time that my necktie does not resemble a bib. Tailored to fit my great height, my Victoria Unique necktie gives me comfort and good spirits both in front of TV cameras and in daily life. I have discovered my neckties – they are the Victoria Unique brand! I have thrown all the other ones out of my wardrobe.”

Lubo Ganev – host of the Formula + TV show on BTV National Channel, National volleyball player.

Veselin Marinov

“I am respected by the variety and the quality of Victoria Unique neckties. They became an integral part of my wardrobe. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! They outline my specific elegant style of dressing in front of my fans and the large audience.”

Veselin Marinov – pop artist

Atanas Parushev

“Very elegant neckties! One that wants to move with the new fashion trends and to have own specific style, may fully rely on Victoria Unique branded neckties.”

Atanas Parushev – designer

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Fashionable cut-out
Unique design
Perfect hand production
Carefully selected
      high-quality fabrics
Tight and elegant knot
Hand made middle seam

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