Tight and elegant knotHand made middle seamThe lining - necktie's lifeFashionable cut-outUnique designPerfect hand productionCarefully selected high-quality fabricsEqual sidesWhat is special
in the Victoria Unique necktie?

1. Tight and elegant knot
Resistant to sliding.

2. Hand made middle seam
Strong enough endless stitch.

3. The lining - necktie's life
The lining of Victoria Unique is the product of a long years research.

4.Fashionable cut-out

Provides complete esthetical shape of the Victoria Unique necktie.

5. Unique design
Developed by leading world designers.

6. Perfect hand production
Gives perfect shape to the Victoria Unique necktie.

7. Carefully selected high-quality fabrics
Specialized for necktie production.

8. Equal sides
Symmetry and beauty of the Victoria Unique necktie .

Trade mark Victoria Unique
Warranty for quality of materials and workmanship.



Fashionable cut-out
Unique design
Perfect hand production
Carefully selected
      high-quality fabrics
Tight and elegant knot
Hand made middle seam

Warranty for quality of
materials and workmanship
Design by ARAX Design