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During its long history, the necktie is the only element of man's clothes that outlines man's individuality, character and aesthetical sense. The necktie is the most masculine accessory. It gives the sensation of luxury, fortune, individuality and charming. Thanks to the necktie, you may distinguish the uncompromising businessman, the Don Juan in love, the artistic Picasso.

We recommend you!

Always choose a necktie with suitable design and colour according to the place you go to and to the people you will meet!

1. For business

  •  Design - small geometrical figures, stripes or checks.
  •  Colour - dark tones are preferable - blue, grey, black, Bordeaux, green, deep purple.

The more important is to be heard what you say than to divert the attention by over-extravagancy and eccentricity.

2. For leisure

  •  Design - geometrical figures, stripes, checks, club signs.
  •  Colour - light tones are preferable - yellow, beige, light blue, green, orange, purple.

You may allow you to be eccentric if this would improve your mood.

3. For official receptions and dinners

  •  Design - central or asymmetric figures.
  •  Colour - black, royal blue, Bordeaux, old gold.

The jacquard neckties made of natural silk are considered to be especially refined.

4. Dance clubs and parties

  •  Design and colour - Give your fantasy full freedom!

5. The knot of the necktie

The necktie knot should match the collar of your shirt. Large and loose knots should be made for shirt with larger and more cut collars. The small collars require fastened small knots.

There are multiple manners to tie the necktie but two of them are most known: Single (Four-in-hand) and Double (Windsor).

  •  The single (Four-in-hand) knot shows style, elegance and interesting asymmetric effect. Its extended form gives the neck more length. No matter this knot is thick or slender, it always looks elegantly.
  •  v The Double knot (Windsor) is symmetric. It is suitable for shirts having much cut off collars. Because of being more large than long, it visually makes the neck shorter. That is why, we recommend using the Single (Four-in-hand) knot.

Don't fasten too much the knot of the necktie! The too much fastened knot has its ends crushed and does not look elegantly.

Don't forget that your necktie is the most remarkable element of your clothing!

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