fashion and style

"Elegance comes natural to those people who are looking for their own style!", Yves Saint-Laurent

Most people think that fashion and style are an integral whole. But they are two different things. Fashion is what the textile industry and people belonging to the fashion business consider to be something new, attractive and different. The new developments and experiments in design, fabrics and collections of clothes give the fashion life and movement.
Style is something different. This is the capacity to know what a kind of man you are, what clothes and accessories match you best.

You may buy fashion but you cannot bye any style!

Your clothes are talking about you. When you meet any stranger, your appearance is the most immediate tool you dispose of.

    What is your position in society?

    What is your job?

    Does your appearance correspond to them?

These are questions that may complete your style. If your look is ill-favoured, it would be difficult to you to make whatsoever believe in your success and your capacities. That's true that people receive according to the clothes but see off according to the mind but, however, the elegance and the good look inspire confidence. People take care of themselves the same way they take care of their job. Remember!!! Follow the fashion lines but by adapting them to your style that is tailored by your social position, your job and your character.

Fashion is everywhere around us but your style belongs to you only!



Fashionable cut-out
Unique design
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Carefully selected
      high-quality fabrics
Tight and elegant knot
Hand made middle seam

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materials and workmanship


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