Dry cleaning is recommended to the Victoria Unique silk neckties. There are manufacturers that recommend washing in hot water with some soap. We don't advise experimenting in this way because the water will modify the shape of the necktie because of the netlike structure of its lining. In addition, every washing substance contains some quantity of bleaching liquid, which destroys both the fabric and the paint. Continuous exposure to sunlight leads to yellowing of white silk and to decrease of its strength. Don't forget that silk fabrics get damaged by the sweat. Iron at low temperature without steam. Finally, iron the back side of the necktie!


The Victoria Unique-branded polyester silk neckties are cleansed as those ones made of natural silk. The polyester silk is especially sensible to wetness as well as to the attacks of a kind of a silvery insect that is similar to the clothes-moths but without wings. Put a suitable insecticide into your wardrobe. The mould of the wetness may damage irreparably the neckties; that's why they should be stored in proper places. You may iron them at a little higher temperature but without steam. Don't forget that very high temperature may melt the polyester fibres. Finally, iron the back side of the necktie!


Dry cleaning is recommended to the woollen neckties of Victoria Unique brand. We don't recommend manual washing because, in addition to the above reasons, wool shortens at washing. Don't forget that the moths love wool, that's why, put a suitable insecticide into your wardrobe. Ironing is to be done at the temperature recommended to the wool. You may use steam. Finally, iron the back side of the necktie!

  •  We strongly recommend using specialists' services at cleansing. In this way you will preserve and use your neckties for many years.

  •  If you have found a smallest speck on your necktie, you would rather not put it, because you would more probably make a bad impression than good.

  •  Before ironing, always watch the temperature of the regulator of your iron.

  •  Untie the neckties after usage and store them on a separate hanger. Otherwise, the fabric may fold and form undesired puckers.

  •  Learn to tie your necktie by yourself, for being further able to teach your son to do this. This is one of the most serious steps in the life of every man.

  •  v Clean, ironed, properly chosen to the clothing and well tied, the necktie tells about your class, character and sense for aesthetic. It obviously raises you over all other slovens around you.

  •  Don't forget that your necktie is the most remarkable thing in your clothing.


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      high-quality fabrics
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Hand made middle seam

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