About Victoria Unique

Victoria Unique was founded in 1995 in the city of Varna, Bulgaria by means of 100% private share.

Victoria Unique is a trade mark for production of luxury men's neckties, registered in the Patent Department of Republic of Bulgaria under N33123.

Victoria Unique produces ties, suitable for business, formal parties and recreation. They have the following characteristics:

High quality

Stylish design

Perfect hand make

Carefully selected materials of a very high quality.

The fabrics are supplied from leading Italian and German producers by a separate order.

The rewards obtained at specialized fashion fairs are an estimation for the quality of the ties of Victoria Unique:

Nomination for the "Golden Needle 2003" Annual Award - Fashion Academy, Fashion Accessories Section -      Sofia - 2004 - Fashion Accessories Section - Sofia - 2004

Certificate of "Official Status of a High Prestige Expert in the field of Corporate Management and Special      Contribution to the Bulgaria Prestige" - National Experts Convention - "Leader Board" - Sofia - 2004 -      National Experts Convention - "Leader Board" - Sofia - 2004

Diploma for high quality of the manufactured article - 7 - International Forum of the Women's World, Russia      - Moscow - 2003

Award For Exceptional Contribution to the Bulgarian Fashion - Bulgarian Fashion Forum 2002

International Award for Commercial Prestige - New Millennium Award-Madrid-2001.

Gold Medal at the International Fair in Plovdiv 2000.

Gold Medal at the International Fair in Plovdiv 1998.

Golden Lion from IV National Fair "Made in Bulgaria" 1997.

First Prize from "Fashion, Style and Beauty" 1997

  The criteria for these rewards are:

The quality of the make
Diversity of patterns and materials
The establishment of a new fashion tendency
Affordable prices

The Authorised Bulgarian Testing Laboratory guarantees the quality of the ties carrying the Victoria Unique brand.

Victoria Unique disposes of its own production premises and a team of full-time stylist, cutters and tailors. The productions process is bassed on the traditions of this craft and are HAND MADE.

The further plans of Victoria Unique are related to the possibility to successfully enter the European fashion market.


Fashionable cut-out
Unique design
Perfect hand production
Carefully selected
      high-quality fabrics
Tight and elegant knot
Hand made middle seam

Warranty for quality of
materials and workmanship
Design by ARAX Design